Parent-Teacher Collaboration

Lend your support to teachers.
They are your child’s parents at school.

Let us face facts, to begin with. For over 200 days a year, you child spends a good number of hours in school. From morning till late in the evening, day after day, week after week, month after month, your child is grows under the care of teachers. It is not just academics that teachers teach, but a whole lot of values which shape the personality and character of your child.

Hence, it is of utmost importance that you interact closely with your child’s teachers to give you child a better upbringing. Every single initiative you take to strengthen your relationship with the teachers will benefit your child to a significant extent.

If being a parent is tough, imagine being a teacher!

On an average, 50 students per class. Around 6 different classes per day. That’s the workload, a teacher shoulders. Your child is somewhere in one of those classes and the teachers are taking care of your child along with very many other children. If you realize the magnitude of teachers’ responsibility, you are sure to understand the importance of your role in offering your support to teachers in molding your child.

It is therefore logical and reasonable for you, as a parent, to take 70% of the responsibility when you collaborate with the teachers in shaping up your child’s future.

Get transparent and speak your mind out to teachers.

You trust the teachers to take care of your child, and so, you need to go all the way and share with them, everything about your child. Let the teachers get a complete picture of your child’s strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, unique skills and all that there is worth knowing. This will help them immensely in handling your child well and grooming your child properly.

Well, technology could come in handy.

Yes, why not make optimum use of technology to keep the teachers posted about the activities of your child? If your child could sing, or exhibits oratorical skills, you could make recordings and share them with the teachers via WhatsApp. Or you could take videos of your child’s skills and share them. All these will help the teachers understand your child better, which in turn will help them in giving the right encouragement to your child.

Parents-Teachers: a winning combo.

And let’s assure you, this will mean a lot to your child. When teachers know what your child does at home, and when you know what your child does at school, there are no gaps. Everyone is clear and everyone knows what best to do in order to make your child an ideal human being.

Therefore, as a caring parent, value your association with your child’s teachers. Go that extra yard, and take those extra measures to build a strong, lasting relationship with your child’s teachers.

After all, it is your big responsibility to give your child, the best upbringing and a great future.  

With Respect & Love to All Parents & Teachers

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